Roof Coats and Restorations

"Tony Bedford has been coating Perth roofs for over 20 years and is able to bring considerable experience to bear in the varying applications of this process."

Gooseberry Hill Shopping Center
Gooseberry Hill Shopping Center
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Completed Roof Coat
Inner City Restoration
Inner City Restoration

Roof Coats - Adding Value to Your Home

A roof coat is a definite value adding investment for your home

As well as giving your home a huge visual facelift, a roof coat and restoration adds considerable value to your property.

Roof Coats for Cement Tile Roofs

Cement tile roofs can show considerable fading after as little as 10 years due to the ongoing oxidisation of the original factory coating. This is both aesthetically unpleasing and can also lead to the now more porous tiles absorbing up 20% of their original weight in water.

A roof coating application will properly seal faded cement tiles and also add obvious improvement to the overall presentation of your house.

Preparing Your Roof

A clear glaze on a terracotta tile roof can enhance and accentuate the classical look of these tiles as well as restrict future lichen and moss growth common to these tiles.

Materials Used in Roof Coating

Before committing to coating your roof, we give your roof a thorough inspection to ensure that we are not simple painting over any existing problems! If there are existing problems we will draw them to your attention and explain what needs to be done to bring your roof up to standard.

The standards parts of preparing your roof prior to roof coating are

  • High pressure cleaning of all roof surfaces
  • Replacement of broken tiles and repair leaks
  • Re pointing or re-bedding and re-pointing of your ridge capping
  • Ensure all gutters are cleaned

Terracotta Clear Glaze

Bedfords has a considerable knowledge of materials and products used for roof coating application. The last 20 years has seen many developments and improvements in the roof coating industry, including better understanding of the best practices and materials to use to create the best result.

As a roof coating contractor in the industry over that period, Tony Bedford is well placed to provide the best possible roof coating application for your home or commercial building.


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