Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guard

Gutter Cleaning

Bedfords offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service. We recommend that gutters be cleaned well before Winter sets in. This avoids any water damage that might result from an unexpected down-pour.

Gutter Cleaning Yearly Maintenance Service

Bedfords also offer a yearly maintenance contracts. These allow us to book you in well in advance each year at a agreed rate.

Freeflow Gutter Guard

Bedfords Roof Restoration manufactures and installs Freeflow gutter guard, a fully customised gutter protection solution manufactured for conditions in Perth, Western Australia. Freeflow gutter guard is a durable nylon filter/screen designed to minimise ongoing gutter maintenance.


Freeflow Gutter Guard Characteristics and Benefits

  • Can be fitted to suit metal or tiled roofing
  • Choice of colours to suit roof
  • Competitively priced gutter guard solution
  • Leaves simply stay right out of your gutters
  • No yearly gutter clean required by yourself or a contractor
  • Prolongs gutter life by keeping your gutters free of water
  • No flooding back into eaves and wall cavities